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E-2 vs. EB-5: Which visa is best for you?

I have a lot of Clients enquiring about possibility of obtaining immigration status when investing in Real Estate in the US. Purchasing Real Estate in the US does not give you immigrant status. You can obtain an immigrant visa when investing in special projects that qualify for the EB5 visa. The EB-5 investor must pay $500,000 with a “regional center” EB-5 Project, consequently 10 jobs are created.

  • EB5 Visa

EB5 is not a visa, it is permanent residency or “green card”. This will also include the spouse and all children under 21 years of age. They would all obtain the green card and permanent residency for life. After five years of being a permanent resident (green card), one can apply for citizenship. Citizenship is optional and not mandatory. You can live in the United States your entire life with a green card and never have to apply for citizenship if you don’t want. If you want to vote in the elections, or petition for your parents, you must be a US citizen, not a Resident.

This type of case is very slow right now, and could take between 2 years and up to 3 years to be fully approved.

The investor is completely passive, and does not need to run a business. The investor simply loans the $500,000 to the EB-5 regional center project as a passive investor. The project takes care of all the love the administration. EB5 family cannot move to the United States until the case is approved, after two years or even maybe three years. They cannot wait in the United States for this case to be approved, unless they have another type of visa, such as an E2 Visa.

And the money is returned to the EB-5 investor, after five or six years, depending on the particular project.

One project that has proved to be very successful with EB5 investors is Paramount World Center in Downtown Miami

  • E-2 Visa

This is a non-immigrant visa, which is issued in five-year increments. The investor must make a substantial investment in a commercial activity, a business. This visa would include the wife and children under 21 years of age. Once the children reach 21 years of age they will no longer be eligible to be under the parent and must find their own individual immigration status.

The E2 investor must renew their visa every five (5) years, and show that the business continues and is profitable. The approval rate for the E2 Visa is very high, 97%, and the approvals for the renewals are also very high, 98%.

Once the business is purchased, the E2 Visa can be obtained in just 90 days, sometimes even less time. The E2 Visa is an excellent visa to enter the United States.

There are several businesses for sale that may qualify for E2 visa

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