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Oryslava Pelyo

It’s all about communication for Oryslava Pelyo – a real estate professional with a seasoned marketing background working with some of the world’s most prestigious TV networks and brands. “When you’re working with high-profile clients, whether they are businesses or corporations, client service is at the heart of all success,” says Oryslava. With such prominent clients in her network as Sony Pictures, Lifetime Television, A+E, Adam Lambert, and Miguel, it’s clear that her approach gets results.

Originally from Ukraine, Oryslava has also lived in London and New York before coming to Miami. Today she says her market perspective and insight is shaped largely from her time in these cosmopolitan world destinations, particularly London. “It’s the place where I learned the value of hard work and persistence… it’s an experience that allowed me to grow culturally and as an individual. It has also allowed me to have a global perspective when it comes to serving my clients.”

To that end, Oryslava believes in pounding the pavement, utilizing her marketing expertise to gain maximum exposure for the properties she represents, and remaining committed to the end goals of her clients. In Miami, that means specializing in the very hottest new properties and neighborhoods such as downtown, Brickell, the beaches, and the Design District. However, when it comes to a single area she is most excited about – Oryslava names East Edgewater as her locale of choice. “There are so many exciting things happening there, like the Perez Art Museum, the new Museum of Science, Miami World Center, and much more.”

Though no longer a marketing TV Producer, Oryslava still puts her considerable skills in this arena to use for her real estate clients, using the latest technologies to showcase properties, and continuing to use her talents in photography and video editing to the same end. She also uses her incredible gift with languages to place a world of clients at ease. She is fully fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian, and also speaks some Polish and French.

When she’s not busy creating exceptional buying and selling experiences for those seeking a dream home in Miami, Oryslava enjoys an active lifestyle and spending time with her husband, son, and Yorkshire Terrier. She loves working out doing Cross Fit, High-Intensity-Interval-Training, and a new hobby – JetSet Pilates. “Creativity and energy can apply to every area of your life,” she says, “and when it does, amazing things happen.”

Oryslava Pelyo
Tel: +1 347-296-6510