Top-20 things to do in Miami

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Top-20 things to do in Miami.

So you already know about the beaches, the abundance of shopping, activities and museums, but what does Miami have to offer besides your typical leisure activities?

  1. Explore South Beach (SoBe) to its fullest…

The soft white sand and turquoise waters of South Beach provide the perfect setting to soak up some Miami sun. From the surfers catching waves, to the skaters cruising down Ocean Drive, the beach promenade offers a real taste of Miami lifestyle and an opportunity for some star sightings of celebrities, models and athletes.

Once you have a handle on Miami fashion, there are plenty of nearby shopping malls for you to buy the latest threads and ensure you are looking stylish for a night out in town.

Take a stroll along Lincoln Road before hitting the nightclubs, where you will likely end up partying all night at the famous Nikki Beach Club.

South Beach_2

  1. Travel back in time at the Art Deco district…

Find yourself in the golden age of architecture, surrounded by glamourous theater-style buildings and pastel edifices characterized by porthole windows and sleek curves.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Park Central Hotel, which was a popular retreat for Hollywood stars such as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and Rita Hayworth.  The hotel, first built in 1937, is famed for its neon lights and iconic sign.

art deco district


  1. Discover modern decor trends in the Design District…

You can add some Miami style to your own home with luxurious furniture from Holly Hunt, or pick up some Zest reproductions of modern classics. The Design District has everything the sophisticated buyer could want and more.

  1. Enjoy the Kitsch art on offer at Art Basel…

Unearth some treasures at the Art Basel fair which showcases the work of more than a thousand artists. Popular with celebrities and show-business A-listers, you will be rubbing elbows with the stars while you enjoy the artwork.

  1. Indulge yourself in Little Havana district…

Are you interested in the era of Fidel Castro? Or perhaps you dream of sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of a Mediterranean style house surrounded by the fragrant smells of Cuban cigars and the hum of Latin music? Little Havana has it all. With its fruit stands, art galleries and cigar shops, it’s best to visit there during the day.

Little Havana


  1. Take a stroll down Lincoln Road…

Washington Avenue to Alton Road is teeming with endless cafes, clubs, shops and cultural hubs. And if that’s not enough for you, Merrick Park shopping center offers three floors of exquisite shopping with superb discounts.

  1. Embark on a historical adventure…

Interested in Italian Renaissance? The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens will take you back to an age of cultural enlightenment. Although it’s surprising to discover a European palace in the beach tropics of South Florida, it’s a welcome addition and a must see for anyone with a penchant for interior design. Extravagant architecture of the facade turns into refined interiors with antique furniture and rare decor. Just be prepared to meet dozens of newlyweds, since the palace is a popular venue wedding ceremonies.

  1. Get a taste of European culture…

Fancy some European flavor? Swing by The Forge restaurant for lunch – you won’t be disappointed. Behind the Parisian style façade, there is a marvelous interior that provides the perfect setting for a romantic date. According to local legend, Al Capone is alive and lives down in the cellar. Well, if there was anywhere he would be, it would be here. Customers enjoy succulent steaks and fillets of fish accompanied by the finest wines. The live music adds to the classical atmosphere and truly transports visitors to the world of the “Dynasty” TV series.

  1. Have kids? Well, then take them to the Children’s Museum!

Yes – Miami has a museum designed just for children and it is highly recommended. Entertaining area with dozens of interactive displays, colorful sand castle with mosaic tiles and a real TV studio will be of interest to visitors of all ages. Here kids can ride a pony, get their faces painted and even go on a boat trip.

  1. Take in a romantic movie…

Miami is a city of love, reflected by the movie theatres that are always playing films involving romance, adventures and a beautiful life by the ocean.

  1. Looking for some relaxation? Swap the party scene for Key Biscayne…

An exclusive resort in the northern Florida Keys, this island attracts the rich and famous, with its secluded beach, shady waterfront park, bike trails and stunning views of Downtown Miami. There is a wonderful swimming pool to cool off in, as well picnic areas and barbecue spots on the island.

  1. Are you a fan of Hemingway’s classic novels?

Get a personal insight into the writer’s life with a visit his house in the quaint town of Key West, where the great writer lived for 8 years.

  1. Walk the Tropical Botanic Gardens…

Miami Fairchild Gardens can restore some tranquility after a wild night out. Their immaculate grounds provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll. If you work up an appetite, stop by the Farmers Market where they sell their organically grown produce. Yoga and fitness classes provide yet another reason to spend a day under the palm trees.

  1. Are you a sports or fitness fanatic?

Swap the stuffy gym for sea, sun and salty air and embrace the beach as your new outdoor gymnasium. Grab your soccer ball and join the locals in daily games of beach football or volleyball. If team sports aren’t for you, experienced instructors are on hand to offer lessons on surfing, rowing or kayaking. If you just need to get loose then there are also many yoga and Zumba classes throughout the day.

  1. Visit the Venetian Pool for a splash of ​​European architecture…

Popular amongst active lifestyle enthusiasts, this Mediterranean revival style villa is also frequented by Hollywood celebrities, symphony orchestras and dance ensembles. The former rock quarry was transformed into a lavish swimming pool in the 1920’s, complete with waterfalls, elegant patios and ornamental features.

  1. Get a real taste of American cuisine…

No, it’s not burgers and hot dogs. The cozy Barton G café serves popcorn shrimp with grilled sea bass, cooked in a special bag to preserve that unforgettable smell. The restaurant prides itself on making each meal an experience, awakening the senses with enticing fragrances and extraordinary food with incredible presentation.

  1. Take a gastronomic tour…

Each year in August and September Miami holds special restaurant weeks – Miami Spice. During this period 100 city restaurants offer their visitors a 3-course lunch for $23 and dinner for $39. In the ​​Bal Harbour area, a chef of one famous restaurant revises his menu specifically for this week, working on special creations that are served for one week only.

  1. Martini color candies or a friendly chat over a beer?

If you prefer the latter, the Abbey brewery in South Beach is welcoming you. Local and European beers in dive bar authentic atmosphere.

  1. Miami is known as a party city and it more than lives up to its name during carnival season!

Each year, during the first ten days of March, the city is transformed into a lively carnival complete with Gala parties, culinary contests, beauty pageants, as well as sports and jazz festivals… you name it.

  1. Beached out?

Then take a break from the sun covered sands in the shady Fruit and Spice Park. This 12-acre park is the only place in the United States where more than 500 different types of spices, vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts are grown. Stop by the exotic shopping center to try their superb smoothies and pick up some organic sweet gifts.

Fruit and Spice Park

Is there anything else to do in Miami? Well, Miami is never short of a picturesque walk and you can never grow tired of the surrounding scenery. If its views you are looking for, head over to Bayfront Park near Bayside and take in the stunning sights of Biscayne Bay and Miami Port. A stroll up the river mouth in Bayfront Park also provides an exceptional vantage point to appreciate the Miami architecture. The abundance of artwork by famous artists and sculptors makes for a cultured experience, wherever you end up. 

After all, the dry Miami climate is perfect for leisurely walking, so make the most of the gorgeous weather.

But what about entertainment? There’s many discounts available to save on entertainment and you should take advantage of the Summer Savings Pass. It gives an unlimited access to four popular park attractions up until September 30: Miami Zoo, Miami Aquarium, Lion Country Safari, and Museum of Discovery and Science. These parks offer fantastic weekly programs for both children and parents. The Summer Savings Pass costs $56 for adults and $46 for children.

Overall, Miami is a city filled with gastronomic delights, European chic atmosphere, pristine beaches and extravagant parties. Not to mention the fantastic shopping, endless entertainment options and abundant leisure activities – it’s impossible to be bored in Miami. The only challenge is deciding what to do first!

So, now that you have the rundown, what are you planning to do in Miami?

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