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A number One Question I get asked all the time, ‘Why invest in Miami?’

Below are only few reasons why my Clients invest in South Florida and Miami in particular:

Miami – is a capital tourist of the USA 

Urban City:

  • Miami is the 4th largest urban area in the US
  • Miami’s skyline is the third largest in the US behind NYC and Chicago

Business Capital:


Real Estate prices

With more than $5 billion in recent, current and plan development immediately surrounding Miami, the area has become the most cultural and entertainment destination in a market. It is the place to be 🙂

Even Mr. President has a base in South Florida 😀

As always Do the right thing. Invest in Miami.

If you have any questions about anything RE related my number is #305-423-8745 check back again next week for my life in real estate.

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