Private Island for Sale | The Exumas, Bahamas, Caribbean Miami Luxury Residences

Private Island for Sale | The Exumas, Bahamas, Caribbean

March 23, 2020
Island at Bahamas


Investment Highlights

  • The Island is a 554-acre island with beautiful bluffs enabling a new Owner to build a family compound along many elevations
  • Approximately 286 miles southeast of Miami
  • Daily commercial flights from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to Great Exuma (70 minutes)
  • Barrier island to the east creates calm, protected water
  • Over two miles of oceanfront
  • Neighboring islands owned by celebrities, business moguls and luxury resort operators are ultra exclusive and command among the highest price points in the world (i.e. Musha Cay and Indigo Island)
  • Optimal combination of tropical seclusion with convenient access to civilization and air transport on Great Exuma
  • Largest Exuma island available for sale Top to Bottom: Beach views, deck view, castle and water view
The Islands Aerial

The Islands is accessible only by boat or airplane. It is located in the Exuma Cays in the southeastern part of the Bahamas.

In the Bahamas, the Exumas are considered remote and are often referred to as the “Out Islands.” Unlike much of the Bahamas, the topography of the Exumas is bluffy with interesting caves and sinkholes.

The Island sits between the deep indigo blue waters of the Exuma Sound to the east and the emerald green waters of the Great Bahama Bank to the west. The waters sparkle with hues of bright blue to subtle turquoise, with pristine coral reefs so clear they defy description. This is the largest and crown jewel of the island groups.


The Bahama Islands are located off the eastern coast of Florida and comprise over 700 islands extending over 500 miles from Walker’s Cay in the northwest to Inagua in the southeast. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau and is located on the island of New Providence.

  • 70 Minutes From Miami
  • 40 Minutes From Miami to Nassau
  • 9 Hours 40 Minutes From London to Nassau
  • 2.5 Hours From New York to Nassau
  • 3 Hours From Toronto to Nassau
  • 2.5 Hours From Atlanta to Nassau

The Exumas are a 100 mile arc “chain” within the Bahamian chain of approximately 150 small islands or “cays” that start just 30 miles south of Nassau. The anchor of the Exumas archipelago is Great Exuma located near the southern end of the island chain. Most of the cays are uninhabited and surrounded by arguably the most remarkable turquoise water in the world.

Year-Round Air Access

Daily nonstop air service to Nassau and Great Exuma is offered from several major U.S. cities. The international airport in Georgetown, Great Exuma is a short flight of approximately 70 minutes from
Miami and a 40 minute flight from Nassau. The airport features a 7,500-ft runway which can accommodate all types of private and commercial aircraft including 737’s.

Commercial flights to Exuma include American from Miami, Continental from Fort Lauderdale (both daily), Delta from Atlanta (twice a week) and Air Canada from Toronto (twice a week) with many others

The Wall Street Journal Feature on Exuma Cays

Exuma Cays was featured in The Wall Street Journal as an article titled “My Own Private Island” by Candace Jackson.

“Roughly 300 miles off the coast of South Florida is a string of mostly uninhabited small islands amid clear blue water and coral reefs on a limestone plateau. There’s virtually no nightlife, no major airports, no celebrity chef restaurants. There are also no neighbors. That remoteness is attracting a rarefied group of wealthy entertainers and name-brand CEOs. In the world of high-end real estate, privacy is an increasingly prized amenity.

Islands in Exuma Cays, a 365-island archipelago in the Bahamas, have sold to producer/director Tyler Perry, spiritual leader Aga Khan and country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, joining earlier arrivals Johnny Depp, David Copperfield and LVMH Chairman and Chief Executive Bernard Arnault. Ms. Hill and Mr. McGraw finished constructing a 15,000-square-foot, four-bedroom home on their 17-acre island, Goat Cay, which they purchased some time ago, according to people familiar with the project. Mr. Perry bought a 25-acre island called White Bay Cay as well as a nearby sevenacre island in 2009, and is building a tropical/Balinese-style home with several guest bungalows.”

The Castle

The Island, a former plantation developed by Sir Baxter in 1938, encompasses approximately 554 acres. It was once the largest employer in the Exumas, with hundreds of workers building stone walls by hand.

These great walls traverse the island both east to west and north to south. This work force constructed the largest man made structure in the area, the legendary “The Island Castle”.

The Island was a working plantation with goat, cotton, palm oil and fruit as its products. It operated during the Second World War and still harbors many tales and legends about the Englishman, his mistress, why he built the castle and whose side was he on during the great World War. The Island and castle were given back to nature for half a century, but are now ready to be reclaimed.

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